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Why did you lose even though you farm well?

There are couple of reason

  1. You did not prioritize your team
  2. You build wrong item
  3. You took the wrong decision

You did not prioritize your team

Your mid struggle to keep their farm. Enemy’s team put a lot of pressure to your mid and this lead to two things.

1). They ask for gank (the most usual thing)

2). They ask for support to stack. The later one is much easier than the first one especially if enemy safelane and offlane didn’t play well(considering enemy support are focusing on your mid which leave your offlane to get so much xp and probably last hit. If your mid still able to last hit and not dying too often, he can comeback properly by taking the stacks

Most of the times, stacks either go to wrong people at the wrong time. Enemy probably will try to take the stacks if possible. Other heroes that didn’t require gold at that moment take the stacks and slow down the key item on key heroes. For example, I need 900g for mekansm but for some reason position 4 necro takes it because he was so poor and need gold for getting his item. In this situation, a proper team will need to communicate what item he needs to complete and how far he is from that. If you realize that teamfight is going to start real soon, item like mekansm is far more superior than eul or any standard item, so prioritize properly for those who really needs it.

Build wrong item

Have you seen naked midas NP with gloves of haste as 1st item or Doom rushing midas then aghs? Your item choice reflect your game knowledge. Usually people who jungling will have less information on the item progression on enemy heroes (Idk what they do in their jungle and why are they so focused on it honestly) so when they thought they are ahead in terms of gold and lvl, they thought they can just go yolo facetank enemies.

Let’s clear the misperception here. When it comes to choose your item, make sure that it align with your team objective and your heroes. You play three cores, none of them able to hold the enemy push. You better be ready to fight earlier with cheaper item but effective such as drum, aquila, mek. If you waiting for your big item, enemy might already knock your T3 tower and none of you can hold that push because you don’t have your big item. Always make sure that your team have urn, arcane boots, pipe or mek to sustain the push. You also need to know the peak time of those items. Mek should have been completed as fast as you can, probably the latest will be around min 20. You should have urn by min 7 or 10. People underestimate the power of urn of early game. I did it too back then, I never bought urn but I realize the healing power and the DoT is just too good in the early game where most heroes still really weak and that 140 damage is making a big difference.

Wrong decision making

You think you can one shot enemy support but instead they stun you first, enemy supports stay alive and crucial spell such as grave or fissure are out and your team suddenly in bad position. Cores dead without buyback and enemy decide to go straight throne. This is one of those moment that I think is really difficult to justify who is wrong and we cannot control this one due to the difference perception and knowledge of each player while at the same time we need to take quick decision and execute it at the same time.

One may think that it was a really good opportunity to bait and get 4 or 5 echo slam, or RP or vacuum into wall and curse but when it fails the blame is everywhere and I think everyone should take the credit for it especially when you see the replay that someone probably lagging behind, not in the right position, cast a wrong spell at wrong time, it is really dificcult to control this in pub environment.

It is better to always see where your teammate is, where was the last time enemy spotted, is everyone have their ult ready? is everyone already completed their last expensive item?, knowing the buyback status and gold required if shits happen. I remember in one of the fight that Tide in our team has no ult and our PA start YOLO’ing to the enemy team. By the time PA’s BKB expired, she just got destroyed instantly and we cannot save her. PA thought Tide has ult (see the fucking green button is not shining) and this misperception cost you the game.


Respected, not loved. My perspective about my parent and how they affect my career

If you ever have a slight hesitation of your family and you think that you were born in imperfect family, mate I think we have the same idea about it so keep reading. Otherwise, you can just ignore this post

As everyone already know, my childhood was really difficult. Racism, joke aside or not, is everywhere, you learn to deal with it. Physical abuse also came to my life and I start to become a little masochist in some part of my life, it is inevitable and I think it is fine and natural. Back then I always said that I envy my friend’s family because I saw how they talk, discuss things, laughing is just so different with me. I knew it is unfair to say that, you can that I’m ungrateful but I did not regret saying things like that before because it helps me realize how stupid I am back then.

Your parent is like a football captain. Some of you think that you don’t have to love them and I do understand that because love to parent comes in different way. They don’t need to be loved but they need to be respected and respect comes from people who understand what they do. You will never love your parent until you understand their point of view, which I admit that most of the times it is a really difficult concept to grasp especially at young age. What I have at this moment is because of them. I ask myself this question, ‘Why do I really love electronics and computer?Not automotive like any other guy?My father know automotive in a way I know electronic’.

The good ol’ SNES Days

In order to answer that question, let’s have a time machine back when I was still 8 years old, when I used to play SNES. It is a common practice that you will not be allowed to play during school day. Weekend is the shit and you only allowed to play in certain hours, like 9-12 and 3-6 and that’s it. During schoolday, my mother will hide the controller because they think it will stop me from my hunger of playing games. They were completely wrong because I wasn’t that type of kid. Before I go to school in monday morning or Sunday night, I always check where the controller goes and I realize the controller goes to a little box with some code on it. I knew where that box is but I didn’t know the code. You don’t want to break the box because you want to keep playing SNES and want to fool your parent to think that this little box can stop you.

After couple of weeks, I realize that everytime my mother put that controller into the box, she never randomize the code. That means the probability of opening that box is either playing around with one or two combination and I did it, the combination was 3-2-3. My older brother, unlike me, is afraid on what I did and didn’t want to participate and say that he will report me in return maybe he expect that catching the thief will reward him a play time. So be it, who cares? (This is the only reason that I can think of why we kept fighting and hating each other like eternal enemy until now).

Counter-Strike, Windows 98/XP and Networking

That wasn’t the only time that I did that some sort of stealing, cheating, hacking or whatever you call it. When I was 10 years old, I used to play Counter-Strike in net cafe. My parent start to prohibit me from going there because they thought I only waste my time there. My father brought his PC home so I didn’t have to go to net cafe. Needless to say, I play like there is no tomorrow and my mother didn’t like it so she put a password to those Windows 98 PC. If you remember that Windows 98 Logon screen, you probably realize there are two buttons there, OK and cancel. From my observation and my experience, I didn’t have to enter the right password, I just need to cancel that logon screen, problem solved. My mother knew that I still play PC everyday because she realize that PC was still in very warm condition which means someone just played it when she came home. It becomes some sort of mice and cat thingy. My mother kept making and changing new password everyday and I just didn’t care about it until Windows XP came. The login screen didn’t have cancel  button right now. Instead, you have to put the right password. I literally have no idea what the password is. Again, there is a way to win if you want to put an effort. When the weekends come, like in sunday evening, I always make new user without password that always have similar name with the main username (usually Administrator). The purpose is not only to gain access to the PC but to have a chance to maybe delete the password of the main username so I can gain the admin access and make my own password so no one able to use that PC. Smart move? not really. Dick move?Of course but if you want to win, you have to take the risk.

If you think the story stop there, you were wrong. It wasn’t far from that moment that I realize I want to learn computer network because my little  brother and I kept saying that who is better on playing Counter-Strike and we didn’t want to play in net cafe because it’s only a waste of money. We need 2nd PC but we didn’t have it. However, we realize that my mother used to store her notebook on her room so we try to play around it (no password this time). We didn’t have internet connection back then so we just try to create LAN game and if one can see another that means we are good. We kept installing different games and we start to learn that we don’t want to put those game’s shortcut in the notebook’s desktop because my mother will know that someone access her notebook. We rename the game, put it somewhere in the start menu, remove the icon, hide it, whatever. We always time our playtime like one hour before my mother came home so we can let the notebook cooling itself down  before my mother came home and sense the temperature of the notebook.

My father will always be the great supplier, giving me everything I need. You want that book?take it and tell me that you will read it and I will buy it for you. I start reading my first PC magazine when I was 11 years old. My father agree to buy it for me even though I didn’t know anything about what I read at the very first time (took me three magazines until I see the term, the pattern and whatever it is, review hardware, software). You want a PC?Here I give you, you broke it?I will give you time to redeem yourself and to teach you what you’ve done but I will give you something better later. That’s how you teach your children. You give them challenge, but you always stand by their side to tell them when to stop and when to chase their hope. If your child ever want a book, give them one. Never ever stop giving them something to learn doesn’t matter on what form because those are the key to explore something new by themselves. It is what make them interested on that topic.

My mother, on the other hand, was like a faithful angel. She kept questioning your decision, asking why you do this and that, never agree on what you did, very calculated, always act like she was the best, the only right people to do that and really push you to the limit (sometimes make me want to cry because I cannot take it anymore), a true project manager that look straight into the objective. I take that as a challenge, I’m always more than happy to take a war and little skirmish here and there but that’s the essence right?You start to think critical, think logical, about consequence, predicting things you never know, taking a risk and accepting the result, manage yourself, emotionally and physically. You didn’t learn that from book, you know that based on your experience and you will never forget that because you earn it through a difficult phase of life.

My parents will never be perfect if they didn’t live side by side. One cannot live without another and I probably realize why the one and true god unite them and still to this day. I’m here because both of you and someday I will say the same thing to my child that they are allowed to not love me as long as they respect me. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion without affecting and forcing one side to go to the others. That’s what a goddamn respect is and I hope my story change your feeling toward your parents, hopefully they still alive at this moment but even if they don’t, at least you know they are a good captain in the little ship we call ‘Home’.

Most important skill as professional gamer (and why I retreat from serious gamer) Part 2

The best thing that can ever happen in our life is when we know ourselves better than the others. That way, we respect others opinion and vice versa. However, for some reason my young brain can’t work that way. I tend to go hotheadhed when it comes to arguing who is the best. This is my story with the game, it is not the worst thing happen on my life because I still got many experience and things to learn from it so no regret on those time.


My first experience on competitive tournament was on uni and the game was DotA 1. I was so confident at that time that I believe none will beat me, I even said that I can carry my friend who dont really that well. In the end it didn’t happen and  I was so disappointed. It was that time that I realize a game of team need complete and average same skill player in one team.
DotA journey stops at that time, I stop completely writing in this blog. Oh if you really want to know how devoted I am on that time, I wrote the guide for most heroes at that time by myself, I create the content, I played all of them, I pushed their true power by playing 1v5 vs insane bot, I even control leaver heroes on pub to train my micro skills. Dotaportal community will remember tyo07 nickname on Meepo guide.


Nevertheless, dotA 1 journey stops there and I focusing myself to another game, a very ancient game called Counter-Strike. This time I’m going super serious and try to shoot for ESWC. But I dont have any friend for that big event so I will just do a casual tournament in my uni (again) for starter and I (and my friends) win that. I wish I had saved my replay on that tournament, it is the one and only tournament that I won and from that I realize there is bigger thing in this world outside gaming. However, I still remember how I blame my friend for not listening to me so we lost one or two rounds. I also compete on other super old game called CTR (Crash team Racing) and went unstopable (of course, I beat oxide on all track by 1 secs difference, how can I lose..).
But this is a thing that really make me ashamed. I can’t accept that when I lose, I need to be better. It was like when I lost the battle, that  means they are lucky. However, the first chance already gone, you need to win on the second time.


Good people will keep aside first game and concentrate on 2nd game and I am not that kind of person. I also do not automatically put respect on my enemy. I take them as real enemy, I hate them, hatred is the way to win on my perspective at that time. If you want to be a winner, you have to make your enemies fear of you, sometimes that does not work and that’s when I got anger.
I fail to shot a sniper on a very good angle, I blame myself and I didn’t expect my friend to do that since well..their skills are lower than me (my very stupid thinking at that time). Actually they did kill the sniper, but I just say well..good. On the other hand, when they fail and I was the one that carrying them all the way, I tend to be angry because they are the real  burden. This will be much worse on decisive points such as win or lose to the next round. After winning that competition, I realize I have something big to learn in my life and I nearly got it.

In any team game, if you can’t respect your enemies, how can you trust your friend? That’s the most logical way to play with a team. However I still  can’t deal with the anger side when it comes to win or lose. It is very hard for me to accept a lost condition. I start my life as a victim of loser so I hate that condition very much and tend to be angry to prevent that condition. This is what I mean that I can’t make it to the pro gamer. Professional gamer can convert that disappointed moment into a critical comeback and it is not one or two persons. It is a team, like a football team that can turn the tide. You will see that hot headed person is not accepted in any kind of condition of pro gamers because you will know that when it comes to competition there will always be a winner and a loser. Sometime you have to accept to be a loser, there is nothing you can do about it, you have to admit to be a loser once in your life, even if you are only one step away to be the champion.

‘The Greatest Loser’ terms comes on my mind. Watch TI3 that how dominant Na’Vi in last game with their Templar Assasin. It is obvious that templar assasin shock Alliance. However Alliance make a comeback by destroying two rax and Na’Vi make a mistake by tele in front of puck. In the end of the game I see how Na’Vi players are so disappointed but they can hold their emotion, they wont let anger conquer their emotion even though they are dealing with $800.000 difference on money prize and an Aegis trophy. God, this is what I call a true players. They admit their enemies are better than them, so they accept that as a learn for the next attempt.. An hot headed like mine will just blame and scream why can’t I tele out or let others handle puck etc etc.

The good side is that I am a better person now. I realize playing everything has a equal chance to lost as much as to win. Team game is the most important thing, clear the objective is the real reason to complete the game, respect enemies and your friends, admit that you might not be able to do more than what your friends do on that situation, learn to give opinions and help if you can do it, thats all. But I will not regret my decision to retreat from pro gamers. I love gaming, but I dont like to play for money. I enjoy myself as a hardcore game and I wont change that status ever.

Check my stream sometimes I play dota 2, WoW and BF 3. If you want me to play other game (no horror plz:D) just comment this post

Most important skill as professional gamer (and why I retreat from serious gamer) Part 1

You are in the middle of fight, battling for the glory and pride (and the money of course), After a countless bullet shots (by clicking a mouse) and tons of spell casted (with keyboard), your team or your empire falls and enemy raze through your base or your friend and destroy them while you helplessly can only watch it. This is the saddest moment that I can’t express because you can’t do anything, you lost, you are done in this event or tournament. Suddenly you feel overwhelmed by two emotion that will make you ashamed if you let yourself contained on it. These two feelings are somewhat different but some people treat them as one.

I. Disappointment


First feeling is by far much better than the second one. It’s called disappointment. All of us will have this feeling when we fail to reach our goal, complete our objective or finish our duty. As I said before this is much better because when you admit that you are on a state of disappointment, you will look a reason to improve yourself. Best principle that I can give right now is that we live to learn. There is nothing wrong to be fail for the first time, even on the second one if  you fail, you keep learning. Imagine if someone never fall or trapped in a hole, they will just stand there and never make it back. However, some people, like I myself in the past, can’t admit this feeling and need to express in other way, anger.

II. Anger


The second feeling is anger. It is common that when people are in the state of disappointment and anger, it results on what we call RAGE state and no this is not Naix rage that will make you immune to magic damage. Truthfully, anger does not give you anything.  It overwhelms your brain so you can’t think logically and reduce the chance to improve on next attempt. Anger can be caused by 2 things, events that repeated over and over again but produce same outcomes and state of mind that already tired and can’t handle those things anymore. Now enough of the theory, I will give you an example of what happen to me 4 or 5 years ago which caused me to retreat from professional gamer mindset (trust me it is not money related) and thats on next part 🙂

PS : Pics are not mine, I got it from google

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